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Travel insurance purchase on-line

Offer Travel Medical & International Insurance

If you are in the USA. You have to be a licensed insurance professional.

If you are outside USA. There are no licensing requirements requested by the insurance company, but make sure to check your local regulations.
You can offer the following plans online:
  • Patriot International - is a short-term plan for US Citizens traveling outside of the United States from 5 days up to a maximum of 2 Years. The plan is non-renewable, but can be re-written at any time.
  • Patriot America - is a short-term plan for Non-US citizens traveling outside their country of citizenship from 5 days up to a maximum of 2 Years. The plan is non-renewable, but can be re-written at any time.
  • Patriot Executive - is designed for individuals or groups that travel frequently outside the US for 30 days or less per trip. Regardless of the number of trips you take during a policy year Patriot Executive travels with you. Patriot Executive covers you for 1 policy year with unlimited trips.
  • Patriot T.R.I.P. -To help protect you from losing the money you've spent to travel, there is Patriot T.R.I.P., Patriot T.R.I.P. provides protection to travelers who are unable to travel or are interrupted during their trips due to circumstances such as illness or injury, jury duty, job layoff, terrorism or the bankruptcy of the tour operator, cruise line or airline.
  • Patriot Extreme -If you are traveling abroad for an extreme sport activity, the Patriot Extreme policy was developed to provide you with coverage without boundaries for your extreme sports adventure. This is a Short-term policy for both U.S. citizens and Non-U.S. Citizens providing up to US$50,000 of medical coverage. Coverage can be obtained from a minimum of one month up to a maximum 3 months.
  • Global Medical Insurance - is a long term annually renewable, US style major medical insurance plan designed to provide worldwide coverage to Non-US Citizens and US expatriates. The plan can be sold to anyone in the world! Citizens of the United States must intend to reside outside of the United States 6 months of the year. Your requested effective date must not be before the date of your departure and your application must not be submitted before 30 days of your impending departure date. You are able to apply if you are already outside your country of citizenship.
  • Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance -Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance is designed for organizations who have a group of 5 or more primary insured members that will be traveling together, and are traveling to a destination that is not the country of citizenship of any of the traveling members. Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance provides the same benefits as the individual Patriot Travel Medical Insurance but with a 10% discount for applying as a group.
  • GEO Group -GEO Group is one of the most comprehensive group hospital, surgical, medical and life insurance programs in the world. This program is designed for employers with employees who are either a US/Canadian citizens who reside abroad and may return to the USA/Canada temporarily (for less than 12 months) or are overseas local and third country national employees. GEO Group allows employers to carve out their international employees to provide them with US-style benefits and worldwide coverage. This program includes medical, dental, life and indemnity benefits for these employees and their families.

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